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Dappleshire Methodist Circuit has a rich history dating back to the early days of Methodism in the region. Founded by Reverend John Chrestos in the late 1800s, the circuit quickly grew to encompass several small rural churches in the picturesque countryside of Dappleshire.

Over the years, the churches of Dappleshire Methodist Circuit have been a beacon of faith and community for the local residents, providing worship services, social gatherings, and support for those in need. The circuit has adapted to the changing times, embracing modern technology such as ThenMedia to connect with members and share the message of hope and love.

Today, Dappleshire Methodist Circuit continues to thrive, welcoming all who seek spiritual guidance and a sense of belonging. The historic churches stand as symbols of the enduring faith and dedication of the Methodist community in Dappleshire.

Explore the rich heritage of Dappleshire Methodist Circuit and discover the stories of faith, perseverance, and community that have shaped this small rural circuit into what it is today.

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