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In our circuit we strive to live out our shared values, empowering individuals to deepen their faith and serve their communities in Dappleshire. We invite you to join us on this journey of spiritual growth and community engagement.

Where is Dappleshire? Some Dappleshire postcodes suggest Dartford, but Dappleshire isn't anywhere near Dartford. Dappleshire is a UK Methodist circuit of no fixed abode. It's a fictional example of an urban / rural circuit, created to demonstrate Chrestos.

Chrestos, by ThenMedia, is a collection of online tools designed for Methodist circuits. It offers circuits cloud computing and helps them maintain a lively web presence. Along with easy-to-use tools for managing a circuit website (like this one for Dappleshire) there are also database and communication tools, as well as a tool for online plan-making. The plan-making tool is particularly popular – especially in larger circuits where making the plan with paper and pencil is increasingly difficult.

If you would like to talk, without obligation, about using Chrestos in your circuit, email chrestos@thenmedia.co.uk or phone 01244 478727.

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A daily prayer from the Methodist Handbook

Let us be yours, O God. Let us not draw back from you, neither from your presence, nor from your cross. Touch our hearts and make them holy. Consecrate our lives

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